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Im Carmen
Soulful, sensual Queen
Poetry is my first love
True Hip Hop is my second
Aquarius...Soulful Dreamer
Chicago...I rock my fro.
Peace Signs and Ankhs
Self proclaimed Black Power activist
I see the beauty of the Blackness in me
Enjoy the afroesque paradise of my mind<3
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But I love ya&#8217;ll souls❤ #goldenbeauty #naturalbeauty #afrocentric

But I love ya’ll souls❤ #goldenbeauty #naturalbeauty #afrocentric

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#naturalbeauty  #afrocentric  #goldenbeauty 
"Hip-Hop can be a very powerful weapon to help expand young people’s political and social consciousness. But just as with any weapon, if you don’t know how to use it, if you don’t know where to point it, or what you’re using it for, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot or killing your sisters or brothers. The government recognized immediately that Rap music has enormous revolutionary potential."
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DSW - Dark Skin Women ❤ 

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most important thing i have ever reblogged

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repeat after me:

there are white people suffering in the world

but the white people who are suffering are not suffering because they are white

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Anonymous asked: Do you have pics of you being fucked?



we live under a fascist capitalist patriarchal regime. all of my pics r of me getting fucked… by the system

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Who the fuck decided that we should have 2 day’s to relax and five days to be surrounded by fucking idiots that you’re forced into social contact with.

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Joan Smalls by Lachlan Bailey for Industrie #7


Joan Smalls by Lachlan Bailey for Industrie #7

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